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The main reasons for vacuum packing meat is that it prevents fast dehydration and discolouring, and prolongs the tenability of the product. More and more professionals also use vacuum packing for the process of ripening. If a lower quality bag is used, the product will quickly loose its colour and taste, and therefore its quality.


In the market it is a trend to use cheaper and cheaper vacuum bags. After a while it shows that the quality and taste demands of the customer can not be reached anymore. The problem with using cheaper vacuum bags is that the quality of the packed product will go down as well. Many do not realise that using a brand vacuum bag will give good results, without the need for extra investments or changes in the packaging.


Because of the very high lucidity of HEVEL Super Export vacuum bags, the perfect presentation for your meat is created. The bags are non-powdered, and together with the high barrier, they slow down the dehydration of the product, and assure a longer tenability, and better taste and colour. After opening, when the oxygen reaches the meat again, the nice red colour will be retained. The small amount of "drip" makes it also possible to save a lot of money with HEVEL vacuum bags.


Meat is mainly vacuum packed.

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