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The purpose of vacuum packing is to preserve the quality of the product as good and as long as possible, and to ensure that the taste, flavour and colour are not lost.The vacuum bag is a very underestimated product, even though it plays an important part in ensuring the quality of the end-product.

With this vision, HEVEL VACUUM BV has been producing vacuum bags and films since 1975, always according to the latest international laws and regulations. The production of the vacuum bags is done in a hyper-modern factory, and always with the latest technique, so that the customer is able to achieve the utmost in vacuum packing.


The continuous quality is guaranteed by the use of only first-rate materials. Even the ink that is used to print and colour the bags, measures up to the latest rules and regulations.


Vacuum Packing: A great way to save money !


HEVEL has the right to use the European symbol for food safety.


This means that our vacuum bags, according to the latest intensified European Union regulations, are safe to be in direct contact with food.


HEVEL vacuum bags and films are non-powdered and do not contain soakers, PVC and PVDC.

The unique HEVEL vacuum bags, naturally only in tubular version (so no side-seals and non-powdered), are produced through a specific process.


This process guarantees an aseptic inside due to the introduction of pure air into the bags during manufacture through an Absolute Filter.

Quality checks are completely implemented in the production process.


HEVEL is officially certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance B.V.

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