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The main reason for vacuum packing seasonings is to preserve the aroma.In cases where a lower quality vacuum bag is used, the aroma will condense through the bag. This means, that the quality of the seasonings will decrease rapidly. The so-called 'perspiration' of pepper and cloves is a well-known problem. It can easily be avoided by using a high quality vacuum bag, like the Hevel Super Export, or the Hevel Premium.


By using the Hevel vacuum bags, you will be assured of a constant quality. Condensing of the aroma and the 'perspiration' we mentioned earlier will be brought down to a minimum. It is possible to store different types of seasonings together, separately packed in a vacuum bag, without risking the mixing of the aromas. For instance, oregano tastes like oregano, without a pepper flavour.

The barrier in the vacuum bag protects the product against moisture. The seasonings stay loose in the bag as they should.

Normally Seasonings will be slightly vacuumed or just sealed in the Hevel Super Export vacuum bags.

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