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Packing under Modified Atmosphere (M.A.P.) of bread products has been popular for a long time now. Supermarkets supply a various assortment of bake off products.For the bakery shop it is the opportunity to keep the customers.Fresh packed bread products, baked according to their own recipe will stop the customer from buying so-called 'industrial' bread.


Printed with own name and logo, the same product will be sold for a higher price due to the classy and professional looks.

Restaurants and hotels discover more and more the benefits of prepacked bake-off products. They can serve their customers freshly baked bread at all times. And throwing away dried out bread is something from the past.It is a Win Win situation; The bakery does not depend on the shop turnover only, and the restaurants and hotels can offer a variety of freshly baked bread!

The bread products stay fresh the longest in the Hevel Super Export Plus gas vacuum bags.

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