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By cutting and vacuum packing (M.A.P.), an extra value can be given to vegetables. Not only for the end user, but especially the restaurants and hotels who will appreciate the convenience. It saves the chef a lot of time and waste, by only opening the amount of packages he needs.


But also the vegetable shop has numerous possibilities to successfully use the vacuum system. For example portion packages, either raw or already cooked. Or, in wintertime, a home made stew, according to grandmothers recipe. In summertime a delicious mixed salad, topped with smoked chicken or salmon, to take away or eat directly. There are no limits in creativity to please your customers and increase your profit!




This product can be vacuum packed very well. By using a vacuum bag with a decent barrier, the shelf life will be increased substantially.Portion packed peeled asparagus can be kept in the freezer for a longer period. The enjoyment of this delicacy continues after the official season.


Harder products such as potatoes, raw broccoli, etc, normally will be vacuum packed in the Hevel Super Export vacuum bags, or the Hevel AA-5 vacuum bags. (for potatoes)Mixed salads, chopped vegetables and cooked products stay fresh for longer, packed under modified atmosphere (M.A.P.).


We advise the use of the Hevel Super Export Gas vacuum bags. Please note that for instance tomatoes and cucumber should not be vacuumed too long, before the gasmixture is added. This is to avoid juice being pressed out of the product.Asparagus will be packed in the Hevel Super Export vacuum bags, or the Hevel UV-barrier bags to protect the asparagus from light influences.

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