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Cheese is mainly vacuum packed to avoid dehydration and moulds. Most of the delicatessen shops wrap cheese in stretch film.As stretch film has no barrier, every now and then a dehydrated slice of cheese has to be removed, which cannot be sold anymore. All together, these slices cost more than a good vacuum bag.

The shelflife of soft cheese like goat cheese, feta cheese and mozzarella can benefit from vacuum packaging. The vacuum machine should be adjusted in a proper way, to keep the shape of the product.


To pack cheese, we advise to use the Hevel Super Export vacuum bags. Because of its excellent barrier layer, the cheese is protected against dehydration and moulds for a longer period. The extra stretch of the bags guarantees less leakage, due to sharp ends of the cheese, than ordinary vacuum bags. The perfect gloss ensures a perfect product presentation.


Hard cheese normally will be 100% vacuum packed.Soft cheeses are packed in a way that as much air as possible will be taken out of the package, without changing the shape of the cheese.Grated and slices of cheese will be packed under modified atmosphere (M.A.P.)



Cheese ripening


Cheese ripening has to be done in a special ripening bag. The constant quality of the specially developed Hevel cheese ripening bags ensures full controllability during the ripening process.

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