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By using a standard vacuum bag, the starch from the potato will color the peeled potato grey. It will also be difficult to get a proper seal, as the starch will affect the sealability of the vacuum bag.

Delivery of peeled vacuum packed potatoes to restaurants and hotels, makes the potatoes more valuable. The chef does not have to peel himself and is willing to pay a higher price for the convenience. During transport, the product is protected from outside influences. According to the HACCP-regulations, you will be able to deliver a safe product.


To pack potatoes and fries in a proper way, we advise customers to use the Hevel AA-5 vacuum bags. These bags are specially developed to avoid problems with discolorisation and sealing. To pack potatoes and fries, it is important to ensure that the product is as dry as possible. This to avoid black coloring and the growth of bacteria.
We recommend rinsing the product thoroughly, as soon as the vacuum bag is opened. 


Peeled potatoes are normally vacuum packed. Potato parts and fries are packed under modified atmosphere. (M.A.P.)

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