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HEVEL supply a full range of bags and films as follows:


  • SUPER EXPORT® vacuum bags 

  • HEVELYN® barrier films

  • High barrier bags/films for gas-packing (M.A.P.)

  • Sous-vide cooking bags/films (+ 85ºC)

  • XXS sterilizeable bags/films (+120ºC)

  • GLX colour retaining vacuum bags 

  • UV barrier bags for protection against light and UV 

  • AA-5 potato bags

  • Liner/gusseted bags

  • Cheese ripening or maturation bags

  • Printed and coloured vacuum bags


Vacuum bags:

Hevel produces several types of vacuum bags, including the Hevel Super Export vacuum bag, which is famous for its high stability and tenacity, its good transparency and its low gas and water vapour permeability. The bags are not powdered, and open easily as a result of the usage of clean air through the bags. The thickness of the bags is 60-200 microns, the width 70-2000 mm, and the length 140-5000 mm.


Thermoforming films:

The HEVELYN special films guarantee a constant high quality, high stretch and smooth running on all common machines. A high gloss for a perfect product presentation is achieved due to the lower forming temperature. Films for vacuum, welling/cooking up to 85ºC, sous-vide cooking/sterilization up to 120ºC and M.A.P. Thickness: 60-280 microns.



Films and bags for an optimum protection with Modified Atmosphere Packaging.


Sous-vide and welling:

Hevel-X bags and X films have been specially developed to well and cook up to 85ºC.


Sous-vide cooking and Sterilization:

Hevel-XXS bags and XXS films are very suitable for preparing and sterilizing products in a combi-steamer. Temperatures can go up to 120ºC.


GLX colour retaining vacuum bags:

With these sensational translucent vacuum bags, the process of discolouration of sensitive meat will be considerably slowed down.



The Hevel ZX-003 barrier bags are perfect for products that are sensitive to light.The oxygen barrier also ensures a perfect vacuum packaging.


AA-5 potato bags:

These bags are specially developed to avoid discolouration and sealing problems caused by starch.


Liner bags/bag in box:

The Hevelyn liners are based on PA/PE. The barrier ensures an optimum protection during transportation. Heat resistance up to 195ºC. Thickness: 60-200 microns, maximum bag size 2200x5000 mm. Anti static up to 11 Ohm.


Cheese ripening:

The constant quality of the specially developed Hevel cheese ripening bags ensures full control during the ripening process.


Colouring or printing:

Of course Hevel can produce vacuum bags and films with flexo (surface) printing and sandwich printing.Hevel can produce coloured bags and films in almost any colour.

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