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More and more national banks and money transporters worldwide are discovering the advantages of vacuum packed money.A fixed amount of coins or billets is vacuum packed together with the signature of the controller. If the package has lost its vacuum, for instance after transportation, only this particular package needs to be recounted, instead of the complete shipment. This saves a lot of time and money.


The transporter accepts properly vacuum packed money packages only. It is easy to check for the national bank if something happened during transportation, and if they need to audit the transporter.The transporter knows that the amount of money he signs for is actually in the packages.If there is money missing, and all the bags are still vacuum packed, the problem did not occur during transportation.

By printing the vacuum bags, the national bank can easily identify the transporter and the sender.

For optimum security, money is 100% vacuum packed in the Hevel Super Export vacuum bags.

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