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HEVELYN Thermoforming films are top quality films.

The films are produced in our high tech factory in accordance with the latest technologies. This ensures a top quality film, which is controlled by the computer for an exact thickness, width, correct layers and strength, several times during the production process. HEVELYN films are produced up to 6 layers. For gasflushing an extra EVOH layer can be added.


By using the best quality PA and a special layer technique, HEVELYN films are less weak in the formed corners by an equal or even lower thickness.


The high gloss of HEVELYN films ensures a perfect product presentation.
Offcourse the contents of your product are to the utmost guaranteed by HEVELYN films because of their excellent gas- and wateraqueous barrier.


HEVELYN films also save time and energy:
The films run practically without errors, so machines can run on a higher speed, which gives less waste. The bottom film will be best formed at a temperature between 75◦C and 90◦C, which is a much lower temperature than most other films require.


For an easy opening, a peelable top film can be produced.


Of course printing (with an OPA-layer) and coloring are possible. We produce HEVELYN films for:


- Vacuum packaging
- Gas packaging (M.A.P.)
- Cooking/Welling up to 85◦C
- Sous-Vide Cooking/Sterilizing up to 120◦C

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