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Fish & Seafruit

The most important reasons to vacuum pack fish and seafood is to preserve the taste and aroma. But also the prevention of fast dehydration and freeze-dehydration makes this way of packing fish and seafood very profitable. Naturally the quality of the vacuum bag has an important influence on the result.


With HEVEL vacuum bags you are assured of a constant quality. The superior gleam creates a perfect way to present your products. The aromas of the product will not condense, and dehydration is narrowed down to almost nil. The possibility to store different kinds of products together, without mixing of aromas, is a big advantage. Especially for smoked fish products, this has many benefits.


Fresh and smoked fish are usually being packed in vacuum bags. The result will be optimal if packed in a HEVEL Super Export or HEVEL Super Export Plus vacuum bag. Shrimps and other seafood can best be packed with gas (M.A.P.) to avoid leaking from the inside and for a nice presentation. Of course there is also the option of packing with a thicker vacuum bag.

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