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Dust, oxygen and moisture are influences that are usually very undesirable in the technique business. By using a good quality barrier-bag, there is a way to minimize the damage caused by these influences. If the package is closed, you know that the content is protected from all outside influences.


Namely with sensitive products such as for example aeroplane engines or computer parts, it is very important that the product and its original quality is guaranteed. But also with smaller parts like nozzles or headers, the consequences can be enormous if sand or water comes in contact with the product.


Various companies use our barrier-bags for transport. But this way of packing is also a fail-save. If the package has been opened, a return shipment will not be allowed. This system is mainly used in so-called hazardous countries.


HEVEL produces barrier-bags in various thicknesses and almost every size. Anti-static is possible till 11 Ohm.

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