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Ready cooked meals are prepared in a cooking bag to ensure maximum taste. There is a minimum amount of vitamins, taste and moisture loss if the fresh raw products are vacuum packed in a cooking bag, and prepared in a combi-steamer or au bain marie, especially if compared to traditional ways of preparing meals.


With this way of preparing meals, the quality of the bag should be very high. The packed product should not be affected by the taste or smell of the cooking bag itself. Also, the cooking bag should be resistant to high temperatures for a long period of time. The seal from both the manufacturer and the customer is very important to make this way of preparing meals successful.


With this way of packing it is important to keep in mind that the quality is determined by the price. Only working with proper and fresh ingredients will ensure the optimal taste of the end product. A normal vacuum bag or low quality cooking bag will cause a lot of problems. Nothing is more annoying then a bag that starts leaking in the pot or steamer.


HEVEL works merely with carefully selected manufacturing materials for their cooking bags. The constant quality gives extra security while preparing meals. The HEVEL- X vacuum bags are used up to 85ºC. The HEVEL-XXS cooking bags are used up to 120ºC.


To ensure complete heating in the package, the products are completely vacuumed

Ready Cooked Meals

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